Premium Cigars in Ballarat

 David Bailey Photography and Obscura Cameras is excited to share a some news from our camera store right here in Ballarat. Imagine vintage cameras, the magic of photography, and the simple joy of premium cigars all in one place.


📸 Relive Memories with Vintage Cameras 📸

Welcome to our cozy spot in Ballarat, where we’re all about capturing those special moments. Our vintage cameras hold a piece of history and are ready to help you create your own. Whether you’re into 35mm or classic 120 format films, we’ve got the gear you need. We understand the beauty in each shot, the satisfying click of the shutter, and the stories that unfold over time. Dive into film photography and check out our camera accessories to up your game.


🔥 Savor the Moment with Premium Cigars 🔥

We’re thrilled to introduce you to a new level of pleasure right here in Ballarat – our premium cigar collection. When you’re looking for Cigars in Ballarat, look no further. Crafted from the best tobaccos in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Ecuador, these cigars are a treat for your senses. And yes, we’ve got a touch of that Cuban flair too. Just ask for them, and we’ll bring out the treasures. It’s not just about smoking; it’s about savoring the experience.

Ballarat Premium Cigars

💼 Where Classic Meets Modern Charm 💼

Our little camera store in Ballarat strikes the perfect balance between classic style and modern vibes. We believe that true luxury is all about the experiences we offer. The art of capturing life through lenses and savoring it with a good cigar is what we’re all about.

For now, our website is where you can get a sneak peek into our world. Imagine the soft click of the shutter, the aroma of a good cigar, and the understated luxury that defines our store.

🌟 Join Us in Ballarat! 🌟

We’re inviting all you quality seekers and lovers of life’s simple pleasures to Ballarat. Discover vintage cameras, premium cigars, and an atmosphere that’s sophisticated but never stuffy. When you’re wondering where to buy cigars near me in Ballarat or who sells cigars in Ballarat, come see for yourself how art, craftsmanship, and a dash of old-world charm come together right here in Ballarat. Your journey into a world of elegance and indulgence awaits!

Come and ask us about our cigars at 2 Albert Street (opposite Ford and Hungry Jacks). We’re open Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4pm and Saturday’s 9am-1pm.

Ballarat Cigars
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