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Introduction: Hey, film aficionados! As the proud owner of David Bailey Photography & Training (which’ll soon become Obscura Cameras), I’m just as crazy about the analogue world as you are. It’s a tough gig, tracking down that elusive 35mm colour film in our digital-focused era. In our snug little shop in Ballarat, we’ve made it our life’s work to keep your film needs met, offering a range of 35mm B&W film, colour & B&W 120 format, and a smattering of 35mm colour film. And guess what? We’ve got some super exciting news: Kodak Ultramax is heading our way & will be hitting our shelves any day now!

A Film Enthusiast’s Tale: Keeping the Flame Alive I set up this store with a dream – to make film photography front and center, even as the digital craze surged on. It’s a challenging ride, but every time one of you shares your excitement about our film selection or when we huddle together, chatting about the magic of analogue photography, I know it’s all worth it.

The Adventure for Colour Film: Let’s face it: unearthing colour film feels like an endless expedition. Film production has dipped, and sourcing it has turned into a bit of a struggle. But I’m determined to ensure that our Ballarat store keeps the enchantment of film alive for all you lovely people.

The Buzz: Kodak Ultramax Incoming! Our little shop is abuzz with anticipation as we eagerly await the Kodak Ultramax. Known for its vibrant colours & top-notch quality, it’s become a fan-favourite among our community. We’ll be shouting from the rooftops once it’s in our grasp!

The Future Beckons: Obscura Cameras As we embrace our new identity, Obscura Cameras, I’m thrilled about what lies ahead. We’re taking a leap of faith, renewing our commitment to the film photography community, and I’m stoked to see where this adventure takes us.

Conclusion: I know how tricky it can be to find colour film, but here at David Bailey Photography & Training (soon to be Obscura Cameras), we’re all about backing your analogue dreams. With Kodak Ultramax just a whisper away, we’re stoked to keep feeding the growing appetite for film photography. So, if you’re ever in Ballarat, swing by our store, chat about your film escapades, and connect with kindred spirits.

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