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To help a business to stay afloat and succeed in our Covid affected world, it’s important that people hear how great it is. Word of mouth is always the best way, so if you have a business that you love – tell all your friends!

The second best way is through a review. Research shows that 72% of Customers won’t buy something until they’ve read reviews. Google is a place where consumers go to verify the quality of a business. If you have a Google Email (Gmail) the process of leaving a review is easy. However, it can be a little trickier if you don’t have one. After a few of my Customers weren’t able to leave me a great review, I did some research and found a simple way of leaving a review with your existing (non Google) email. 


Steps to Writing a Google Review Without a Gmail Account

  • Step One: Open Google Maps and search the business name (or for David Bailey Photography & Training, use this link
  • Step Two: Rate and write a review
  • Step Three: Connect the email of your preference
  • Step Four: Share relevant images and hit publish

More in-depth details below:


Step One: Open Google Maps and Search the Business Name

Whether you’re on a laptop, PC, iPad or phone, Google Maps is an easy way to do a local search and find the business you want to leave a review for. Search for the business name and click on it for more information. 

Pictured below is my business. As you can see, the map provides the details of my business name, address, opening times, and other critical information. Note that the primary information highlighted right below the name is the average rating and the number of total reviews received.

Excellent Ballarat Photographer


Step Two: Rate and write a Review

Navigate to the starred review section and you’ll see five empty stars on display, waiting to be filled to your heart’s content.

Yes, I know it looks like I’m reviewing my own business in the picture below – it’s just an example of how it looks (I didn’t really leave my own review) 😊

Brilliant Ballarat Photographer


Step Three: Connect the Email you choose

If you’re worried about that intimidating pop-up asking you to sign in, don’t worry. Underneath it, you’ll see a link to “Create account”. Go ahead and click on it. I’m about to show you how to leave a review without opening another account. 

Instead of creating a Google account, you’ll see another handy alternative on the next page. Click the option: “Use my current email address instead” and you’re good to go!

You will then get redirected back to the reviews page and be free to proceed with your Google review no matter the email ID you have.

That wasn’t so complicated, was it? Then, why are we all confused? Google….. 

fanastic Ballarat Photographer


Step Four: Share great photos and Hit Publish!

As pictured in Step Two, you’re free to add and share your favourite photos that provide more detail and context to your review. This can help other customers viewing my amazing reviews online and want to verify your star rating is worthy. 

After uploading the pictures you want, hit publish!

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