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Almost all aspects of everyday life revolves around $$$, how much you can save or how little can you spend. So, why would images on your wall be any different? There lies the purpose of this Blog Article…. Should you shop for a price, or choose a Photographer on Quality over Money?

In my previous Blog, I wrote about an Interstate Holiday to visit Family. Whilst on the Holiday, I did a FUN Photoshoot with my sister & her family. Her plan was to get the images as 8×12 prints and have a montage framed. 


However, when she saw the images, she was amazed and decided to have some large canvases made up. She contacted me about it and mentioned she was going to a well known Superstore as they had a 60x90cm Canvas on sale for approximately $60 instead of nearly $300. I advised that although the canvases were cheap, the quality matched the price.


This then brings me closer to home with Ballarat Weddings. I have a very high standard and expectations when ordering pieces to hang on a wall of one of my Brides and Grooms. I want it to last the test of time. It needs to look as beautiful in 50 years (for their Grandkids to admire) as it does the day I deliver it to them.

It reminds me of an experiment I did a few years ago. I had one of my favorite images printed on a large canvas at my local supplier and then with a REALLY CHEAP Online Supplier. I ordered them the same size, so when displayed side by side it’s be easy to see the quality difference & it is a HUGE difference. The “cheap” one didn’t even arrive mounted, it came in a rolled up tube – though the Website advised it’d come mounted. I looked at them the other day, the “cheap” one has lineal features through it and 1/3 has drastically faded, yet the one supplied locally looks just as amazing as when I ordered it. 

The moral of the story is the old saying that we all know so well – You get what you pay for!

Ballarat Printing

 psst – this image is “borrowed” from a Google search.

Though neither my Sister nor I have used the suppliers listed above, in my case the difference in quality is more pronounced. Because of this, when I’m asked for a recommendation by a Bride and Groom for somewhere to take Wedding Images to, I send them directly to my supplier/s. That way, I can be confident that they’ll have images on their wall that will look just as amazing in 50 years! 

So, though Ballarat Weddings might be price driven, it pays to spend extra. In years to come, you won’t have the flash cars, devine cake, beautiful flowers or pretty Bridesmaids Gowns, but you will have Prints or Canvases on your wall (or in an album). It’s one of the biggest tips I can give regarding Ballarat Wedding Photography – You get what you pay for!

Ballarat Weddings

Pst – the last 2 images aren’t mine & were “borrowed” from Google

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