Unplugged Wedding!!!

As I sit here with this mornings Latte, I pondered, how can I help Brides and Grooms in the preparation for incredible Wedding Photography & IT hit me. As a Wedding Photographer, I LOVE unplugged Weddings!!!

Unplugged Weddings??

In today’s world, there’s hardly an event that isn’t uploaded to the Interweb within seconds of the actual event. Of course, Weddings are one of the most shared occasions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Guests seem to be in competition as to who can upload the “first” picture of the Bride. My heart literally breaks when a “Guest Photographer” (or Uncle Bob) ruins an otherwise lovely image or jumps in front of me while I’m capturing a key moment from the day. Over the years, I’ve seen a progression of huge smiles, happy and encouraging faces as the Bride is escorted down the aisle to faces and backs of heads hidden behind cameras, mobile phones and monstrously HUGE iPads lining the aisle.

Unfortunately, I often have Guest Photographers compromise the Bride and Grooms images. I have perhaps hundreds of images of the back of Uncle Bobs head as he’s jumped into the aisle for the perfect image of the Bride being escorted to the man of her dreams. When you pay a sizable amount for Professional Photographer, you expect results and want every moment captured. I hate to say it, but sometimes, I don’t have an incredible image to show the Bride and Groom because Uncle Bob…. Uncle Bob’d it.

I have a Board similar to this & am very happy for my Brides and Grooms to use it – free of charge!

Unfortunately, while Uncle Bob’s doing this, he’s not paying attention to your ceremony. Rather, he’s staring at his screen, hoping to get the “killer” shot to share with his 1200 Facebook friends. How can you change this? How can you ensure all your guests give you their full attention on the biggest day of your life? Have an Unplugged Wedding!

Ask your Celebrant to read something similar to this:

“Good evening Family and Friends. We will be starting the Wedding of __________________ and ___________________ in a few minutes and ask you to please silence your Mobile Phones. The Couple also requests the following: We want you to be able to really enjoy our Wedding Day, feel truly present and in the moment with us. We’ve hired Professional Photographers who will capture the way the Wedding looks – and we’re inviting each of you to sit back, relax and enjoy how the Wedding feels. We respectfully ask that everyone considers leaving their cameras, phones and iPads off. Of course, we will be happy to share our Wedding Images with your afterward!” 

Or have a cute board like this

Unplugged Weddings Ballarat

Of course, there is a hidden upside to limiting people’s social sharing of your wedding: it forces guests to be in the moment. We’ve all become so used to sharing what we’re doing online, that we sometimes don’t know how to turn it off. Sometimes the reminder to put away your phone, to put down your camera, comes as a relief. I don’t have to document this one, I can just experience it. Thanks for that.

As an example, here’s a funny news item about exactly this: http://vimeo.com/75820951

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