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Ballarat Film Photography

Buying Film in Ballarat (and Victoria & beyond) is getting harder and harder to find. Many Camera Stores have run out entirely and struggle to find suppliers to replenish their stock. Infact, early February, I visited 3x Camera Stores in Melbourne to find stock & though I was running a little low, I had more Film than all stores combined.

David Bailey Photography & Training has worked VERY hard to find regular suppliers of 35mm, 120 & 110 format film. I stock Kodak Ultramax & Ektar, Fuji Superia & Illford XP2 films along with many others. 

Ballarat Camera Shop

Along with selling Film, I also develop it (both B&W and Colour). Film can be developed & printed or scanned and even emailed via a Dropbox link to you. Prices start from $22 & range through to $52 for hand developed Black & White film.


If you want to pick up some Film or get it developed, you can find me at 2 Albert Street, Sebastopol (opposite Ford & Hungry Jacks). I’m open 8:30am – 3pm, Mon-Fri and 9am – 1pm Saturdays. 

Ballarat Camera Shop
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